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Emanuel Pessoa is a founding partner of Emanuel Pessoa Attorneys-at-Law. With more than 15 (fifteen) years of experience in Law, he has already obtained awards in excess of one billion Brazilian reais for companies and individuals, directly and indirectly, whether through legal disputes, negotiations or consulting activities.

Master of Laws at Harvard Law School, where he was elected Class Representative, Emanuel also holds a PhD in Economic Law from the University of Sao Paulo Law School and a Certificate in Innovation Business from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, as well as a Master and Bachelor of Laws from the Federal University of Ceará.

He received a scholarship from Estudar Foundation, Ling Institute, Harvard University, CNPq and the Federal University of Ceará. He has been teaching in Higher Education since 2008 and is currently a Visiting Professor of Executive Negotiation at FIAP (SP) and of the Doing Business in Brazil course at FAAP (SP).

Currently, Emanuel is frequently invited by the country’s main television broadcasters (CNN, Globo, Band, Record and SBT) for interviews within his areas of expertise, as well as commonly signing articles and opinions in the highest-circulation newspapers and magazines in Brazil (Valor Economic, Folha de São Paulo, Estadão).